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Flawless Skin

Auckland Skin
& Dermatology Specialists

We are a Specialist Dermatology medical practice with expertise in skin conditions and skin cancer diagnosis and management.

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Specialist medical clinic

We are a specialist medical clinic providing expertise in diagnosing and treating skin conditions  and skin cancer. 

We strive to provide the highest standards of care and use state-of-the-art imaging to enable early diagnosis of skin cancers.


We provide a range of non-surgical and surgical treatments in the comfort of our facility.​ Our services are covered by most health insurance policies and we are Southern Cross Affiliated. 


Consultations with us are always with a specialist Dermatologist - a doctor with expertise in skin conditions and skin cancers.  


Dermatologists have over ten years of additional specialist training after qualifying as a medical doctor enabling excellence in diagnosing and managing skin conditions.


We provide individualised care and aim to get to the root of your skin issues.

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Dermatologist at Work


Our doctors use state-of-the-art equipment and evidence-based research to ensure the best quality care. 


We offer a range of non-surgical and surgical options from the comfort of our facility.


GP Referral is not essential, however, it may be help us to see you within an appropriate timeframe. Our services are covered by most health insurance policies - check with your insurance company if you are unsure. 


Your privacy and comfort are always our priority. Skin is examined with sensitivity and we are guided by your preferences. Your information and consultations are always confidential.

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