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About Dr Ryder

Dr Emily Ryder is a New Zealand trained Specialist Dermatologist, Dermatologic surgeon and Mohs micrographic surgeon. She is an expert in early skin cancer diagnosis and management using surgical and non-surgical treatment options. She is experienced in managing inflammatory and immune-mediated skin conditions.

Emily is a Fellow of the New Zealand Dermatological Society,

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Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and Fellow of the New Zealand Mohs Society. She is a Southern Cross Affiliated Dermatologist. She qualified as a doctor from the University of Oxford and attained a Master’s degree in Immunology and Cellular Pathology from the University of Cambridge.


Dr Ryder strives to provide excellence in patient care. Her experience as a Dermatologist, both in New Zealand and internationally, provides her with unparalleled knowledge of diagnosing and managing rare and challenging skin conditions. Dr Ryder’s special interests include the diagnosis and management of skin cancer, melanoma, acne, rosacea, urticaria, psoriasis and eczema. She has a keen interest in teaching and has been an active teaching faculty member for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, training GPs on the recognition of skin conditions and lesions. 

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